Silicon Carbide Heating Elements

Electric furnace heating with Kanthal silicon carbide elements is economical, dependable, clean, quiet and safe. There are no fuel storage problems, no worries about fuel availability and no noxious exhaust products to be ducted away. Kanthal equipped furnaces are versatile. They handle a wide range of products and atmospheres efficiently, and temperatures can be controlled as closely as you like. Kanthal elements are part of a complete system and are simple to install. Kanthal elements give you silicon carbide resistance heating at its best.

Kanthal silicon carbide heating elements are rigid throughout the range of operating temperatures so they can be installed horizontally or vertically without any additional supports. The single ended connection types allow even greater flexibility in furnace design. They can be installed through side walls or rood, or project up through the hearth or used to heat furnaces that are too wide or too long to span with conventional elements.

  • Hot Rod and Crusilite heating elements
  • Alphalite beams, rollers and slip-cast shapes
  • Used in High Temperature processes
  • For Furnace Temperatures between 1300 to 2820 ºF
Silicon Carbide Parts
Silicon Carbide Parts


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