Hi-Temp Products Corp. Specializes in Industrial Custom Hi-Temp Furnace Hardware & Accessories

Our range of elements and other components for the furnace industry covers the entire application and temperature field.

This enables us to offer the customer wide freedom of choice and also opportunities for using alternative design approaches, simultaneously enabling our technical advisory service to be more objective.

We offer a comprehensive technical service,comprising design calculations for elements, selection of suitable element types and grades, and assistance in their installation and follow-up.

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Featured products include but not limited to

High temperature furnace hardware & accessories, industrial furnace heating elements including refractories, ceramic fiber, anchors, fireproof panels & temperature controllers.

  • Metallic Elements
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Kanthal Super
  • Heating Alloys
  • Superthal Heating Systems
  • Fiber Heating Modules
  • Power Block 1400
  • Roof Elements
  • Rod Over Bend Modules
  • Complete Furnaces
  • Plug Heaters
  • APM Radiant Tubes
  • APM Radiant Tubes
  • Kanthal Super
  • Moduthal
  • Thermodielectric Refractories
  • Ecothal
  • Fibrothal
  • Extruded Tubes
  • Power-LID

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We also offer Repaired & Refurbished Heating Systems

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