Fibrothal Heating Modules

Lightweight construction has become the norm in many industrial furnaces, with the use of ceramic fibers (KF) up to furnace temperatures of 1800ºC. The low thermal mass and thermal conductivity of the ceramic fiber furnace linings mean that you can build industrial furnaces which, depending on the type and mode of operation, contribute significantly to energy saving, higher output and better availability.

In the electrically heated furnace, however, it is very expensive and time consuming to combine ceramic fibers, such as for example blankets or folding blocks, with electric heating elements. This has led to the product concept which we introduced on to the market in 1978 under the name FIBROTHAL®.

Today the name FIBROTHAL covers a family of products consisting of vacuum-formed ceramic fiber components, with or without electric heating elements.

Fibrothal is a complete modular building system for heating and insulation of furnaces that combine the best properties of electric heating and fiber insulation. The system is flexible and simple to use. A normal size production furnace can be built up in a few days. Fibrothal standard modules are available as panels, half-cylinders, and tubes. The system fits almost all furnaces, from the smallest laboratory furnace to largest production furnace.

Product Range

  • Heating modules with embedded elements. Up to 1150ºC
  • ROB with free-radiating heating elements. Up to 1300ºC
  • Modules with free-radiating elements for roof installation
  • RAC tubes with embedded/free radiating elements. Up to 1300ºC
Fibrothal Components
Fibrothal Components
Fibrothal Insulation System
Fibrothal Insulation System


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