Fiber Heating Modules

Lightweight construction has become the norm in many industrial furnaces, with the use of ceramic fibers (KF) up to furnace temperatures of 1800ºC. The low thermal mass and thermal conductivity of the ceramic fiber furnace linings mean that you can build industrial furnaces which, depending on the type and mode of operation, contribute significantly to energy saving, higher output and better availability. In the electrically heated furnace, however, it is very expensive and time consuming to combine ceramic fibers, such blankets or folding blocks, with electric heating elements.

These modules can be used for almost all furnaces layouts. In addition to panels for furnaces with flat walls we manufacture many different module designs for cylindrical surfaces, such as for example tubes up to 500 mm diameter and half-cylinders up to 650 mm diameter. For larger inside diameters shell modules (1/3, 1/4, 1/6, shells, etc.) are used. The design corresponds in principle to that of the standard panels or half-cylinders. The maximum element temperature is also 1150ºC.

The heating surface is the surface which accommodates the heating element. The standard module dimensions are based on the heated surface dimensions plus the minimum required unheated edge area. Panels can be manufactured to a maximum width or length of 1050 mm.

Fiber Heating Module Highlights

Heating Modules with embedded heating elements made of KANTHAL alloys.

  • Maximum element temp. of 1150ºC
  • Rack tubes with maximum temp. of 1300ºC

Fiber & Ceramic Products

Roof Elements
  • Wire Spirals
  • Free or in grooves
  • Wire- corrugated
  • Strip corrugated
  • Blanket, vacuum formed, stacked

Rod over Bend Modules

Rod over Bend Modules (ROB) with free-radiating heating elements for a maximum element temperature of 1300ºC

  • Mainly for wall and floor heating.
  • Heating element change possible.
  • Can install larger heating conductor cross-sections, resulting in longer element working life.
  • No limitation on the installation position.
  • Suitable for tilting furnaces.
Heating Modules
Heating Modules
Fiber Heating Elements
Fiber Heating Elements


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