K-APM Extruded Heating Tubes

Kanthal APM is the latest addition to the Kanthal family of high temperature materials. Initially aimed at the manufacture of resistance wire for electric furnace applications, the material has now been further developed, to allow the production of seamless, extruded tubes, suitable for the manufacture of radiant tube assemblies for both gas and electric furnaces.

Kanthal APM is of almost identical composition to the well-known Kanthal FeCrAl alloy, which has formed the basis of electric elements in a wide range of kilns and furnaces for over 60 years. The novelty in the new material is not in its composition, but in its manufacturing route. Traditional methods of melting, rolling and drawing have been superseded by an Advanced Powder Metallurgy process, to produce a new material, which loses none of the benefits of the traditional alloy, but adds many more. Until now, radiant tubes have been manufactured almost exclusively from nickel chromium, or nickel chromium iron alloys. These tubes offer a good hot strength, combined with ease of fabrication, and have been employed extensively in heat treatment applications, and in aluminum holding furnaces. Limitations in the performance of the material, however, have confined its use as a radiant tube to relatively low temperatures and power outputs.

Kanthal APM are extruded from a unique FeCrAI-Alloy that lets you operate at temperatures of up to 1250ºC (2280ºF). It does not shatter like ceramic or spall like nickel chromium. The lifetime is 2-4 times longer than nickel-chromium tubes at high temperatures.

Kanthal APM is the outstanding choice for high-temperature, corrosive or high carbon atmospheres.

K-APM Extruded Heating Tubes
K-APM Extruded Heating Tubes


Extruded Heating Tube Highlights

Max. Temperature
1250 ºC
2280 ºF
Product Range
Radiant Tubes
  • Kanthal APM and Sandvik 352/253 extruded radiant tubes for gas or electrically heated furnances.
  • Complete ready-to-install assemblies with inner tubes (gas) or suitable electric heating elements.
  • Standard dimensions from 26 to 260 mm our diameter 1.02-10.2 in.
Thermo-couple protection tubes
  • Ceramic, metalllic (KANTHAL) or made in Kanthal Super material use up to 1700ºC

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