K-APM Tubothal Heaters

K-APM Tubothal Heaters is the world's cleanest recuperative radiant heater. With electronically-controlled gas/air supply and double catalytic converters, nitrogen oxide emissions can be reduced by around 75%! K-APM Tubothal Heaters are approximately 10% more efficient than other recuperative systems. The high efficiency also reduces emissions of carbon dioxide per energy unit produced. K-APM Tubothal Heaters are therefore the right choice to reduce both gas consumption and emissions.

Well-defined combustion is important to maximize efficiency and reduce pollution. Too much air reduces the heat output and increase the amount of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust gases. Too little air results in imperfect combustion which causes unburnt residues in the form of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (CxHy) to be expelled with fumes to the environment. Control equipment ensures that combustion always remains within the "green window" resulting in low emissions of both nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide.

K-APM Tubothal Heater's degree of efficiency is around 80%. That is approximately 10% more efficient than conventional recuperative systems. This efficiency is the result of the lambda value and energy content of the exhaust gases. Lower lambda values and thus reduced exhaust volumes result in higher efficiency levels. It is K-APM Tubothal Heater's precise two-stage cleaning system that makes it possible to optimize the amount of surplus air and thus reduce the lambda value and the exhaust gas volume, thereby maximizing efficiency.

K-APM Tubothal Heater Parts
K-APM Tubothal Heater Parts


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